Top 5 Countries That Have A High Rate Of Depression

rate of depression

Depression is the most familiar problem among people in the world. More than 3.8% of the world’s population is affected by depression which makes them weak from their mind but the question raised is what is mental health? and how can we get rid of this mental health disease? – in which 5% are adults aged less than 60, while 5.7% are the ones having the age of 60 years or more. In this World, More than 280 million people are moving through depression and anxiety disorders, and the rate of depression increases daily. Depression is a problem that is different from everyday stress and short-lived mood swings. It is a severe mental health concern that is long-term, intense, and problematic. Depression affects the person in all aspects of his life. If you’re a teenager going through depression, you won’t concentrate on your school and studies. If you’re an adult going through depression, you can’t focus on your work and family. Depression, at its worst, can lead to severe mental and behavioral problems if not treated.

Depression is the most significant cause of suicide worldwide. When depression is left untreated, it starts affecting one’s mental health to a great extent and takes them to the stage where they commit suicide. More than 7 lac people worldwide die of suicide annually, and half of the people committing suicide are depression patients. The rate of depression among 15-30 years old increases daily, and suicide is the 4th highest cause of death in that age group.

Rate of Depression Around the World:

The World Health Organization tracks the rate of depression and anxiety each year worldwide to identify the country with the highest depression rate. However, it’s essential to remember that depression and anxiety are the most underreported issues worldwide. Illiteracy, cultural biases, lack of knowledge and treatments are the most common reasons for underreporting of depression around the globe. According to the latest research on global depression rates, countries that have a high rate of depression are China, India, and United States. These countries are most affected by depression and mental health concerns like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, etc. According to National Alliance on Mental Sickness, every person in five experiences a mental problem in the United States. But only 41% of the people fighting depression and anxiety can get the needed mental health care services.

Presently, China is at the top of the most depressed countries list. It was among the most depressed countries even in the past, but the rate of depression in China has increased a lot in recent years. One of the primary reasons is the COVID’19 that is believed to be originated from Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The World Health Organization declared the COVID’19 – a pandemic and associated it with the increased rate of deaths worldwide. When the pandemic started in China, the death rate was improved a lot. The country was entirely changed. The pandemic affected businesses, health, the economy, etc. Majorly, fear of the pandemic and the increased death rate in China increased the rate of depression among Chinese people.

The pandemic has had a very damaging result on the daily life of people in the world – especially in China. The scale of depression and anxiety has grown due to low self-esteem, financial and academic pressure, a sense of fear, boredom, and loneliness because of the quarantine. All these reasons are combinedly responsible for making China – the most depressed country in the world in 2022.

Depression is a serious concern, and as China is one of the most populated countries in the world, the rate of depression increases there. Depression, if not treated, can lead to severe concerns. So, China has introduced an action plan for people going through anxiety and depression. If you’re someone facing anxiety or depression, even at a minor level, seek treatment for it as it’s essential. The more people will educate themselves about these serious issues, the rate of depression will decrease. If the country’s depression rate increases, the government needs to take severe measures. A single person can’t do anything to make a change. To fight more significant problems like depression, it’s important to unite and fight against it. The government of China needs to provide more education on the topic so people don’t feel fear in seeking help. The mental health centers should increase and be free of charge so anyone with depression can go there for treatment. Seeking help for such serious concerns should be normalized, so people don’t hesitate to ask for help. If the government takes such measures, the rate of depression will drop in China.

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