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Applied Behavioral Health Consultant

Passionate Thoughts Behavioral Counseling and Evaluation Services, LLC provide high-quality behavioral health and mental health consultant services in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Our goal is to assist and improve well-being through therapeutic intervention. Services are designed to reduce mental health symptoms and behavioral deficits in children.  Behavioral health is the link between health and the behavior and well-being of the body, spirit, and mind.

At Passionate Thoughts Behavioral Counseling and Evaluation Services LLC, our team of experts works professionally with patients in identifying the cause of behavioral difficulties.

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Why Behavioral Assessment Services?

We are providing professional behavioral assessments service in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Behavioral assessments are modern age tools that help to understand behavior and it’s precursors. Such types of assessments require a behavioral health consultant that uses a vast variety of techniques, including one-on-one observation and basic interviewing to assess difficulties.

Moreover, a behavioral health assessment is very beneficial for both children and adults. We as behavioral health consultants strive to make assessments a positive experience for everyone involved and work to meet the needs of the patient.

Our Services

Our behavioral health consultant strives to help our clients to resolve their mental health problems, clarify issues and obstacles, and discover better ways to navigate life’s challenges in a confidential, safe, and comfortable environment.

Mental Health Assessment

A detailed and professional assessment with the help of a behavioral health consultant to build an accurate picture of your mental health.

Behavioral Assessment

An in depth and comprehensive assessment of your emotional, social, behavioral, and developmental functioning.

Applied Behavioral Analysis

One of the most effective therapies for the treatment of autism and countless other disorders with the help of a behavioral health consultant

Why Us?

Our behavioral health consultant helps the clients to find mental health solutions that will lead to personal happiness and the ability to maintain healthy relationships in their lives by improving mental health.

Calming Environment

We ensure a safe, confidential, relaxing and professional environment

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Personalized Treatment

Every child, teenager and adult receive individualized care


Specialist Therapists

We have a highly qualified and well-trained behavioral health consultant.